Returning with new projects and returning to old ones

This site has been sitting here quite empty for quite long.

My work schedule has been somewhat painful, but things are getting better now. Another person has taken the most stressful job, leaving me to do what I am supposed to do: teach, manage and supervise people at my work.

The big problem was that company was often somewhat understaffed. My employers have stepped out of that pit and now regular workers have finally more time to breath and work with their own projects again.

I have scheduled more free time to manage my creative projects and social media. I have also made review of previous writings. Those will get finished.

The concept of this blog will also expand. In addition of games, I will be talking more about creating music, security, Internet and social media in general.

This is a quick post to tell you guys that I am still here, working with new creative content and other projects on my free time.

And while I was writing this post, I remembered exactly how much I loved doing this.

Let’s see where it leads.


Site might struggle with some users, because host service needs to do some updates that I can not do. If something seems broken or weird: don’t worry. Things will be updated soon.

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2 thoughts on “Returning with new projects and returning to old ones

  1. Nice to see you back… All work and no play… well it pays the bills but 😉

    1. Hey!

      I would have returned sooner, but as you said: work took it’s toll. That, and for some reason my database became a big mess. I needed help from hosting service to fix that. Now it is mostly cleared, though I still have some cleanup to do.

      Site and my X account are activating also for upcoming C3Modders event. Date is now set and I will be sharing it around here as well soon.

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