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BGS Modding Tutorials: Landing page

1. Description

Welcome to my tutorial series, aimed to people who are modding Bethesda Game Studios releases. It is mostly aimed for people modding Skyrim, Skyrim Special Edition or Fallout 4.

This series starts from beginning. My attempt is to make modding process understandable and clear. We do not only go through steps of modding. I also explain what we are doing and why.

The series has two channels for release.

  1. This blog, where content is presented in text form.
  2. My YouTube channel, where content is presented in video form.

This page acts as a “landing page” for series articles and videos. I saw it best to create a dedicated page, where I can list all articles in order. It is always possible that chronological order for videos and articles gets broken by re-uploads, or additional information is missed by people browsing content from YouTube. All relevant videos and articles will be listed on this page for this purpose. I recommend bookmarking the page, if you want to follow the progress.

It is perfectly possible that article will be released first and related video later on. This gives me time to reflect the content and presentation a bit longer. Articles are fast and easy to edit, if needed. YouTube videos should be spot on right from the release. I will write both the article and the video at the same time, but it may take a week or two, before the actual video gets released for the article. Edits and dates for them will be presented in the article, including he date where video was attached to it, if the video wasn’t released directly with the article.

Tutorials will be released as seasonal series. I want to keep basics in Basics series and further tutorials in dedicated series sections. This is done to make it easier for viewers to follow. Each season and it’s content will be announced separately on this page.

Due to it’s nature, this specific post is subject for constant changes. Article or video is released, when it has a link to it. Sometimes articles can get released before video is out. Release dates may vary, depending on my slightly unpredictable work situation.

2. List of Articles and videos

2.1 Series 1: Common Basics

  1. Modding tutorials 1 – Introduction to files (Video)
  2. Understanding BGS file extensions (Video)
  3. Load order basics (Video)
  4. Resource priority basics (Video)
  5. Basics series: Pulling it together (Video)

3. Changes

14.06.2020 21:24 Added headers to article, to satisfy new plugin providing Table of Content for articles.
14.06.2020 21:00 Modding tutorials 1 – Introduction to files was linked to this article.


  1. Ilja

    Thank you, Jack. It has been under works for some time now. I will of course create series for MO2. Vortex as well, though that will take some time.

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